Love is a battlefield

Conversation in Port Royal

So love will take between the hands a face

Robert Frost

Chapter 1

Ten days.

Ten days between the sentence and the hanging.

Ten days accorded by the law for an unlikely reprieve or an even more unlikely pardon.

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Bravery and Brocade

A very singular portrait of Lord Rodney
Actually he seems more of a Christmas Reindeer than a Naval Hero, but, you know, fame is fame, even with its drawbacks !

And now I’ve this insane vision of ladies of quality tearing at each other’s powdered wigs in a 18th century version of Harrods, fighting to be the first to buy the newest earthenware cups with a certain green-eyed Commodore on them ! 😀

Summer day by galadhir

Title: Canzonetta sull’Aria (A little Song on the Breeze)
Summary: in which a marriage is saved by Mozart’s music, the daughters of an Admiral, and the evening breeze.
Main characters: Norrington, Gillette
Rating: PG-13
Setting: post-COTBP, not DMC and AWE compliant. In the same universe as The Hours .
Acknowledgements: Beta by Galadhir. Inspired by this pic [NC-17] by Menegroth .
Disclaimer: Considered what Disney did of them, I suppose I can play with them for my private entertainement.

Canzonetta sull’Aria
(A Little Song on the Breeze)

To Galadhir, for her birthday, with my deepest admiration and affection.

“Che soave zeffiretto
Questa sera spirerà
Sotto i pini del boschetto
Ei già il resto capirà”

“How gentle the zephyr
Will be this evening
In the pine grove”
The rest he’ll understand”

Susanna and the Contess, duet “A little Song on the Breeze”, from “The Marriage of Figaro”,
libretto by L. Da Ponte (based on a stage comedy by P. Beaumarchais), music by W.A. Mozart, 1786.
[for opera lovers: a vid of the duet can be found here]
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My header figure

Royal Navy

Should anyone wonder what the painting in my header is…

View of Port Royal, Jamaica, by Richard Paton, circa 1758

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Testing the system


Just testing the system. And what better than the infamous Admiraly Rodney’s portrait for a proper naval start ?

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